Title Director
A Little Bit Zombie (2012) Casey Walker

Four people travel to the woods for the wekend. Sounds like a 1980's slasher? Well, it's not.

Afterman (1985) Rob van Eyck

After the nuclear Holocaust small groups of survivors gather food and look for shelter.

Afterman 2 (2010) Rob van Eyck

Afterman 2 is naturally the sequel to the first Afterman.

Art/Crime (2011) Frédérick Maheux

In 2009, Rémy Couture, a special effects makeup artist from Quebec was arrested by the police.

Beyond the Grave (2012) Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro

Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro made with Beyond the Grave, a genre mishmash ​​many a filmmaker will think twice about to t

Bloodline (2011) Edo Tagliavini

Sandra is still young when she witnesses the brutal murder of her twin sister.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012) Vito Trabucco

A bible camp in the woods, that is asking for problems. And that is exactly what this movie will deliver.

Bloody Mary 3D (2011) Charlie Vaugn

Bloody Mary is a ghost that you can connect to in front of a mirror.

Break (2009) Matthias Olof Eich

A group of female friends is away for the weekend for a girls only trip.

Breakdown Reward (2012) Elias Georgopoulos

Two hitman are hired to dig up a treasure for their employer.

Brute Corps (1972) Jerry Jameson

Brutal and violent action film from 1972 with Alex Rocco and Jenniger Billingsley.

Calibre 9 (2011)

This hip and trashy shot french flic has to been seen to be believed.

Crack Whore (2012) Lance Polland

As an crack addict you need to get money all the time. Honey, a whore  sells her body at good prices to get her fix.

Die Farbe (2010) Huan Vu

A Lovecraft film adaptation of the short story The Colour Out of Space.

Evil (2012) Peter Bebjak

You can find ghost Hunters anywhere.

Four Boxes (2009) Wyatt McDill

On the internet you can find everything, including live feeds with the most disgusting things.

Gallino, The Chicken System (2012) Carlos Atanes

A pornophilosophical movie by Carlos Atanes. Known for its werid films.

Gangster Exchange (2009) Dean Bajramovic

The yakuza has a drugs deal with the Serbian mob.

Gut (2012) Elias

The life of Tom is boring and monotonous.

Holiday Road (2012)

American holidays, they have a lot, and not all of them are clear the Netherlands.

House of the Wind of Death (2012) Francesco Campanini

Francesco Campanini is no stranger for BUT insiders.

Inside the Whore (2012) Reinert Kiil

In 2009, Reinert Kiil recieved BUT the award for the feature length with his movie Hora.

Masks (2011) Andreas Marschall

In the seventies Matteusz Gdula G

Monk3ys (2011) Drew Cullingham

A unexpected good movie.

Morituris (2012) Raffaele Picchio

Coming from a very rich tradition of horror filmmaking, Italy may be also the country of choice fo

Pablo & Poëzie (2012) Leo Verheul

Documentary: Dutch legend/poet/night Mayor Jules Deelder travels to Colombia to visit a poets fest

Phoebe Phoenix (2011)

Phoebe Phoenix was the best bodyguard of Peer Hoyshrek, the most successful music producer of his galaxy.

Remmington and the Zombadings (2011) Jade Castro

At a young age, Remington is cursed by a Drag Queen because he calls her gay.

Saturday Morning Massacre (2012) Spencer Parsons

Four teenagers and a dog are looking into paranormal events to solve the mystery behind it.

Seven (1976) Andy Sidaris

How often do you see an assassin on a skateboard? With a crossbow even!

The Humanoid (1979) Aldo Lado

Erik van der Woude is an expert in the field of cultfilms and collects rare VHS tapes.

The Orphan Killer (2011)

Metal Movie for the BUT Black Friday.

Zone of the Dead (2009) Milan Konjevic, Milan Todorovic

Ken Foree, who does not know him as the hero of the original Dawn of the Dead! Milan Konjevic in any case does.

Zyklon Zombie (2011) Thomas van Troostenberghe, Davy Bonny

No budget and full of passion. Those are the first things I think after seeing Zyklon Zombie.

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