Becoming a BUTFF partner

We would like to inform you about the possibilites the BUTFF offers for collaboration with other...
Sun 28 Jul '13 - 19:50

Paranormal documentaryfilmer at BUTFF 2013

Joost The Ghost hunter has come into contact with a man who has a real bizarre hobby. He makes 'art...
Fri 26 Jul '13 - 17:32

Guests update!

Unfortunatley 2 guests have cancelled for this coming BUTFF.
Peter Bebjak (Evil) and Bradley Garret...
Fri 31 Aug '12 - 17:34

BUTFF is looking for volunteers!!!

Are you attracted to the BUT Film Festival and like to participate with other film freaks and...
Thu 09 Aug '12 - 13:59

Rémy Couture special guest at the BUTFF 2012

For some people its difficult to separate fact from fiction. BUTFF has lots of experience with that...
Thu 09 Aug '12 - 13:04

The 7th edition of BUTFF: 5 till 9 september!

Preparations for the seventh edition of the BUTfilmfestival have already been starting. We are...
Wed 15 Feb '12 - 14:23

Send in your film for BUT filmfestival!

The BUTteam is busy preparating the seventh edition of the BUTfilmfestival. But without films there...
Wed 15 Feb '12 - 12:31

Send your film for BUT Filmfestival 2013!

Send your film BUTFF2013

The BUTteam is preparing the 8th edition of the BUTFF at this very moment.
Deadline for BUTFF2013 was 1 june 2013, new applications will no longer be considered.